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Studio On Fire, A Design & Letterpress Workspace

825 Carleton Street
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114

Phone: 612.379.3000
Fax: 612.379.3475

Hours:  9:30 – 5:30 Mon – Fri, CST
Studio visits, tours and consultations are by appointment only.

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Who We Are
We are a best-in-class craft letterpress printer. We focus on making premium print work that we love as much as our clients do.

Quality People
We are a group of a dozen people that get a sick sort of thrill from paper and ink. We think about craft like riding a bike – it is just second nature. If attention-to-detail were a drug, we’d be the junkies. Everyone that works here is committed to making distinctive objects.

Quality Equipment
Having the best tools for the job is a must for high-end letterpress printing. After all, we are talking about working with vintage machines from 1950-1960’s era. Nobody is making new letterpress equipment nowadays, but our machines represent the height of letterpress printing technology. Maintaining these presses and using them with modern letterpress techniques keeps our work looking crisp and vibrant.

Quality Work
When you work with Studio On Fire, you are in great company. We keep steady clientele with the top design firms, agencies and corporations in the world. Work produced in our shop is consistently celebrated on design blogs, inspiration websites, magazines and award shows. Plus, an entire book of work produced in our shop is compiled in a recent Gestalten published book: Iron Beasts Make Great Beauty, Studio On Fire.

Trusted Advice
Producing premium print work takes a level of skill that is fading or void in todays digital printing world. We want to make sure every project that leaves our shop is the best it can be. If you have a printing challenge, chances are we’ve crossed that bridge before. When we offer advice on specialty production early in the process we can provide known results with premium quality.

Specialty Production
We combine many specialty services in house. Letterpress, foil stamping, engraving, die cutting, edge coloring, and hand bindery are all process we do in house. Additionally, if you have a project that involves offset, digital, or laser cutting we can coordinate that work with our trusted production partners.

Press Capacity
There aren’t many letterpress shops out there that can handle the same set of specifications that we can handle. We have a commitment to making letterpress a relevant production method for any size commercial project. Our press capacity and the quality of our vintage equipment makes us a giant in letterpress printing. We print a sheet size up to 21×28 inches. And with 10 Heidelberg presses, we have capacity to handle millions of impressions. Six of our Heidelbergs are high speed cylinder presses. More about our capabilities.


We currently have no job opportunities, but if you like, you can send us your curriculum vitæ HERE – via email only. All design work must be presented as either a .pdf file or web link.

If you request information from us and do not hear back, please check your bulk or junk mail. It seems our name is just too sexy for some mail servers.



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