Our Design


The reason we get up in the morning is design. It’s really that simple.

Our approach is a bit different than most creative firms–having a letterpress department in our back pocket allows us to think in reverse and let the production process inform our design. We are always striving to bring a strong sense of material and tactility to our visual work.

We love to work with others that love the creative process as much as we do. Our clients include creative agencies, design firms, individual designers and people who don’t necessarily have a design background, but just love letterpress.

“We Love” Coasters

2017 Studio On Fire Calendar

Dogwood Coffee

Boozy Peepers Poster

On Tap Daily Poster

2016 Studio On Fire Calendar

Calla & Jayme Wedding

Morse Code Reference Card

2015 Studio On Fire Calendar

Honey Labels

Holiday Card

WholeMe Labels

99 Bottles Poster

Legion Paper Promo

SOF Capabilities Journal

2015 SOF Promo Calendar

Zamboni Print for Dogwood Coffee

SOF Promo Card

Benjo’s Boot Lace Packaging

A Collection Of Radii

Ilumini Business Cards

Sundae & Wiener Print Set

Michelle & Bradley Wedding

See Jane Blog Cards

2012 AIGA Design Show

Marko Karppinen & Co. Cards

Buzzed and Fuzzed Print Set

2012 SOF Desk Calendar

Unplug Poster

Sunshine Poster

Matchbook Wedding

Many Fold Farm Identity

Paper Saw Blades

Arrow Union Wedding

Vista Caballo Stationery

Finessence Photography Identity

Live Current Vol.02 CD

Throwing Star Business Cards

Godspeed Lettepress Poster

CVA Visual Poster

2011 SOF Letterpress Calendar

Pressroom Creed Poster

Golden Rule Poster

Wild Air Poster

Kristen & Doug Wedding

Birds Of Sadness Poster

Power Of Love Poster

Iron Beast Poster

Black Arts T-Shirt

2010 SOF Letterpress Calendar

CVA Visual Poster

2009 SOF Desk Calendar

2008 AIGA MN Design Camp System

2008 SOF Desk Calendar

Erik Brandt “Sometimes” CD

CVA Visual Poster

Bon A Tirer Shirt

Go Blind Tee Shirt