Edge Color FAQs

How thick should paper stock be for edge coloring?

A thick stock is best. We recommend a thickness of 160lb Cover or greater. We have colored jobs on 110lbC and 130lbC paper, but the effect is more subtle.

Can you edge color sizes bigger than a business card?

Yes, think about lots of design objects, not just business cards. Edge coloring will work on note pads, books, invitations, postcards, etc. We can edge color pieces large or small.

Any design considerations when adding edge coloring?

For best results, do not bleed artwork off the trim edge. Keeping the impression off the trim edge will keep the edge as crisp as possible. Small bits of graphic like line work and small text may bleed, big graphic areas may cause issues.

Can I edge color my die cut business cards?

We do not combine edge coloring with die cutting. Paper edges cut with a die are not able to color clean enough for our quality standards.

Can I edge color in a metallic shiny color?

We can do metallic colors, but they will be more like a metallic ink, not like a foil. A shiny edge (like a bible) is not a service we currently offer. View a COATED Pantone swatch book to see approximately the level of sheen you can expect from our process.

Can you edge color bright colors on dark paper?

Yes, we can get both light and bright colors on the edges of darker colored paper stocks. (example: black paper with bright red edges. )

Just how exactly do you edge color?

Many printers have been asking us how we do our edge coloring. We do not share details on the how-to of our process. We edge jobs for many other printers around the country, so please do ask us for an estimate. We’ve worked out a system in the past decade that really works well and use those many hours of production development as our business advantage. While we are happy to share letterpress knowledge and tips, the how to of our edge coloring will remain a trade secret.