Business Card FAQs

What does business card printing cost?

Each project is priced with quantities, inks, papers, die-cuts and special finishing or assembly taken into consideration. Unlike offset or digital printing letterpress printing lays down a single color at a time, requiring more hands-on attention in the press-room. The result is a premium quality finished product. Please contact us for a custom estimate.

Can you print two sided business cards?

This is an area we specialize. We can print both sides with heavy impression and minimal show through by duplexing the sheets together after print. Printing two sides can make a project more expensive because it is adding additional production time. However, our duplex after printing solutions can actually save money and offer the most premium letterpress results. Read the Duplexing FAQ section for additional information.

I don’t need many cards, can I just order a small quantity?

We recommend ordering a minimum of 250 cards, especially if you are doing something complex. With the number of production steps usually involved in our card production, we highly recommend you order more at first. With setup costs for each production step, it will cost less to order more at first, rather than pay for all the production steps all over again.

Our company has several people, can you print larger orders?

We print for many clients who have larger offices. Multiple versions of business cards can be printed together and represent a huge savings over single version pricing. Consult with us to put a shell program in place for your company.

What are shells?

Shells are mostly finished press sheets. Since each process adds cost, producing as much as possible upfront saves a tremendous amount on future orders. We keep these sheets on hand and imprint them as a company adds a person or changes a title and contact info. We plan this process carefully with you to minimize the production cost of small runs of cards beyond the initial card order.

How many cards should I order?

We advise people to look at the next 18 – 24 months of their company. Keeping in mind hiring and title changes projected within that time period, plan to print a volume card shells based on this employee data.

Can you print photos?

We can print a line screen halftone style photo. Think about a grayscale newspaper image – that is the effect we will print. We typically print an image with anywhere from 50-100 line halftone screens. We push the values in the image to land mostly between 20 and 80 percent. More than 80% starts can start to fill with ink, and less than 20% may risk washing away in the plating process. Halftone images can be a challenge to ink up on letterpress and require a robust inking system with lots of pressure.

Can you print 4 color CMYK?

We do not print CMYK process work. Offset or digital printing will be better options for this type of artwork. We only do letterpress printing.

What is the thickest papers you print?

We routinely print stocks up to 60pt(.06″ caliper) and we duplex after print for even beefier thickness. That is what we call “thump factor.”

Can you print white ink?

Yes, but not with the results you might expect. In our custom letterpress work we see daily request from designers for white inks and/or light colored inks printed on dark colored paper stocks. Since white ink and light colored inks are not completely opaque, the ink will print on the paper with some transparency. This ink transparency is more evident the darker the paper color. This issue represents a learning curve for folks coming to letterpress print production for the first time. White ink does not turn out bright white and light colors will not print lighter than the stock color they are printing on. Metallic inks are a notable exception and will print opaque on colored stocks. For some comparison, see this post on our blog.

I really like a card I found on your site, can you make the same card for me?

On our blog and website we showcase work printed in our shop. Some of this is designed by us, some is designed by our clients and sent to us for printing. We do not have a collection of existing designs to just drop your information into. The work we print comes from designers everywhere and is copyright protected. If you are not providing us production ready files to print, you will need custom design services. You can hire us or work with a designer of your choosing.