Design Process FAQs

We’re happy to review any requests, but please know we currently have very little design availability.

How does your custom design process work?

This process is about hiring us to create great design work tailored to your specific needs, and well suited for our pressure based printing techniques.
ONE – Let’s talk!
The first thing we do is have a conversation with you to establish your needs. This can be a scheduled phone call, email, or an in-studio meeting. We talk through the items you wish to have printed and discuss a project budget.
TWO – How much?
Once we’ve had our conversation with you we will write up and email a contract based on your requested scope-of-work. You must approve this document to proceed. Once we receive this signed document and a 50% deposit we can begin
THREE – We design.
This is the fun part. We show you 2-3 design options, you pick a direction and we revise based on your feedback. The entire design process, with rounds of revisions typically takes 2 – 4 weeks. During this process we can provide guidance about how your design choices will affect production costs, so you can stay within your budget.
FOUR -Roll press!
Production begins when you have signed off on a final design. 10-15 business days is typical production time.
Submit an estimate request here to begin the process.

I already know what I want, I just need you to put the file together. Can you do that?

Unless you are providing us a production ready file, you will require some amount of design services. Our project minimum for production design services is $300.

I really like something I found on your site, can you make the same thing for me?

Please note that our blog and website showcase work printed in our shop. Some is designed by us, some is designed by our clients and sent to us for printing, but ABOVE ALL NOTE: We DO NOT have a collection of existing designs/templates that can be personalized. The work we print comes from designers worldwide and is copyright protected. If you are not providing us production ready files to print, you will need custom design services. Have no fear, we love to create great design work tailored to specific needs, and well suited for letterpress printing.
Submit an estimate request here to begin the process.

Can you design my wedding?

Unfortunately we no longer design wedding suites for folks we don’t know. That being said, if we’ve worked with you in the past or you want something reallllllly weird and unusual, hit us up and see if we have availability.