Our Capabilities FAQs

What processes do you do in-house?

We letterpress print. 
We foil stamp.
We create custom packaging structures and dielines.
We make our own photopolymer plates.
We duplex paste custom papers.
We steel rule die cut and score.
We edge color.
We do hand finishing bindery and assembly work.
We design.

Who do you print for?

We print for clients we also design for.
We print for big offset printers that need a letterpress partner.
We print for designers and agencies.
We print with print brokers.
We print directly with small business clients.
We print for you.

What kind of projects can you do?

We focus on letterpress printing. We have seen the size of the jobs we do grow dramatically with larger print runs and greater interest in the process. We’ve continued to add special print finishing to our capabilities. Things like duplexing papers after printing, edge coloring, foiling and die cutting give the projects we complete a finesse that few printers are able to match. Our jobs tend to be complex and involve several processes. We are standing at an interesting crossroads of media consumption – print vs. electronic. Print will only become less common. We feel this makes the need for unique production the most important way for a client to spend their print dollars.

What kind of projects do you NOT do?

We have great print partners when a project involves processes we don’t handle in house. We are not a mailing house, we do not print data lists of addresses onto envelopes. No CMYK artwork or offset printing. No digital printing. No crash numbering. Our die cutting and scoring is limited to the projects we produce. We do not take die cutting only print finishing projects for the commercial print trade.

How are your machines different from other letterpress shops?

We have an unprecedented range of machines! Having the best tools for the job is a must for high-end letterpress printing. After all, we are talking about working with vintage machines from 1920’s-1980’s era. Nobody is making new letterpress equipment nowadays, but our machines represent the apex of letterpress printing technology. Maintaining these presses and using them with modern letterpress techniques keeps our work looking crisp and vibrant.

What Presses do you use?

Here our the 15 presses and their sheet maximum sizes:
2 each Heidelberg Platen 10 x 15
2 each Heidelberg Platen 13 x 18
5 each Heidelberg Cylinder KSBA 18 x 23
1 Heidelberg Cylinder S 21 x 28
1 Gietz Platen Press 13 x 18
1 Vandercook Universal III – 18.5 x 26
1 Vandercook 219 – 18.5 x 26
2 Chandler & Price New Style Hand Feed Jobber – 10 x 15

How do you use those machines?

Our Heidelberg presses complete 95% of our jobs. These vintage presses represent the apex of machines ever developed for letterpress printing. We choose a 10 x 15 platen press for smaller sheet sizes or smaller artwork area. Any die cutting or foil stamping work is done with our 13 x 18platens. Our cylinder presses are used for larger sheet sizes and artwork that requires more impression area. Cylinders are our favorites and are ideal for fitting multiple pieces on the same press sheet and for longer runs. We keep our hand feed presses like the Gietz and Vandercooks handy for difficult to feed objects and small run jobs.

How large a sheet can you print?

Our largest sheet size is 21 x 28. This is extra large for letterpress! We can plate a continuous area up to 19 x 25 inches. However, if you are thinking about a large piece see please see our Poster FAQ. Printing of poster size press sheets is expensive and typically needs at least a few hundred sheets to make it worthwhile.

Can you print big runs?

There seems to be a general assumption that letterpress as a printing method is not suited to longer runs. NOT SO! We have six cylinder presses precisely because we’ve seen much more interest in larger scale letterpress work. This is an area where we excel. There aren’t many letterpress shops out there that can handle the same set of specifications that we can handle. We have a commitment to making letterpress a relevant production method for any size commercial project. Our press capacity and the quality of our vintage equipment makes us a giant in letterpress printing.