Poster FAQs

Will you print posters?

Yes, however we’ve found that folks very often mistake letterpress printing as a similar process to silkscreen printing. If you are trying to print posters on a budget, your project is not a good fit for letterpress printing. Posters via letterpress are going to be expensive. Plate material is charged by the square inch and lots of plate cost goes into a poster size piece. Just the cost of the plate for one color at 18 x 24 will exceed $200, not including any paper, setup and wash up costs.

Do you edition art prints?

Yes, we print for many designers and artists that hand number and resell their prints. (We generally do not do the hand numbering, but can for an additional cost).

What kind of artwork works for posters?

Text, line work, small graphics, less dense patterns, etc If you have big floods of color, you should read our SOLID AREAS OF COLOR DISCLAIMER.

How large can you print?

Our largest sheet size is 21 x 28. This is extra large for letterpress! We can plate a continuous area up to 19 x 25 inches.

What can I do to keep cost down?

Plate a smaller image area on a larger sheet size. If you let us know your image size as well as your final poster size we can provide a more accurate cost. Request an estimate.