Project Process FAQs

A quick overview of how your project would flow through the shop.

Step 1 : request an estimate

To get started, use our REQUEST AN ESTIMATE form on the website and submit your request. The more information you provide, the quicker we can get things in motion for you. After receiving that request Travis, our client services guy, will follow up with any questions and work with our estimator to get you pricing. 

step 2 : Submit your final files

Working or half completed files are great for getting an estimate in the works, but once you've decided to move forward we'll need final design files. Check our FAQs for detailed instructions on what we're looking for. If you get confused along the way, just give us a shout.

step 3 : pay your deposit

Before we can move your job into proofing we require a deposit of 50%. This allows us to get paper ordered and cover the prepress time we spend at the beginning of the project.  We will provide you with a Project Payment Agreement to complete so we are able collect payment.

step 4 : approve your .pdf proof

After you've submitted your final design files we will break everything into a production ready proof. This proof shows exactly how we will run your project on press and is your last chance to review artwork before it proceeds into production. 

Step 5 : Wait

This is the hardest step, we know! It takes at least 20 business days from approval of the .pdf proof to complete most projects (unless you arranged for a rush timeline). We know it stinks, but during this time we're waiting for paper to arrive, making/ordering plates, prepping paper, printing the job, doing any finishing (trimming, edge coloring, die cutting, etc) and carefully boxing things up for shipment. It all takes time and by not rushing we can ensure the highest quality product.

step 6 : CHOOSE a shipping method

Upon project completion we'll box your job up and contact you to review shipping options (if you have specific shipping instructions please let us know as early in the process as possible).

step 7 : pay the remainder of your invoice

Final products don't leave our door until final payments are made (I'm sure you understand why). On rare occasions we can allow net 30, but it is very seldom and must be arranged in advance of the project entering production.

Step 8 : frolic and dance

Okay, so you might not actually frolic and dance, but hopefully you experience some level of joy upon receiving your project. Feel free to tag us in any social media posts (@studioonfire) or leave us some love on inkerlinker.com